Friday, January 12, 2007

Jade Garden

When my Uncle Steve was serving in active duty for the Navy (before he was my Uncle Steve), he was in Hong Kong and my Aunt Dana came to Hong Kong to visit him. While she was here, Steve proposed at the Jade Garden Restaurant. I promised Dana that I would take a picture in front of the Jade Garden, so here it is! Actually, I hope this is the place, because there are two Jade Gardens (but this one had the great view of Victoria Harbor, so I guessed this would be the one).

And just for the record, Chris had goose foot and bird puke in his meal...seriously. The bird puke is actually called "Bird's Nest", and is supposed to be a Chinese delicacy, but it is just bird puke. He is taking this whole "getting to know the culture" thing a little too far in my opinion!

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smcclurekc said...

Way to go Chris! I'm proud of you. Katie, you will probably never have another opportunity to eat bird puk in your life, and you passed it up. By the way Chris, how was it?