Saturday, April 5, 2008

Lots of new pictures

James had his four month pediatrician visit this week. He is a whopping 27 inches long, and 13 lbs 13 oz. The doctor feels he is doing just great, and we couldn't agree more...except for the fact that he isn't (and we aren't) getting enough sleep! Our doctor has suggested starting him on rice cereal a little earlier than usually recommended (6 months), so we might try that in the next couple of weeks and see if that eliminates a few of our nighttime wake-ups. Here are some pictures of James from the past month.

Playing with Grandma and Grandpa M
Sitting in my Bumbo chair

Playing with Grandpa C

And cuddling with Grandma C

Pulling on Sydney's hair

Sticking out my tongue!

Sucking on my toes...yum!

Playing in my exersaucer

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