Thursday, September 25, 2008

Incident Report

James is the bully in the infant room. Today we had an incident report that he bit another kid at day care. We've been having biting problems at home, and he bit a friend's daughter last weekend. And the worst part is he just thinks it is funny! He laughs at me when I scold him. We try to reinforce what is appropriate to chew on (toys, not people) and I've even put him in "time-out" a couple times. Any other suggestions? Please tell me this is a phase and I don't have to be "that mom" for the next few years!

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Mary Ann W. said...

Don't worry - it is just a phase!
Andrew took up "hitting-the-parents" as his anti-social behavior. He mostly did it to get attention, and didn't understand it was hurtful.
So, we make a really sad, hurt face when he does it and tell him "Oh, that makes mama so sad"...he gets really empathetic and starts caressng you and acting sorry. Then, we bought him a drum, and when he winds up his arm like he's going to hit, we point for the drum and he bangs away. It's been more effective than time out, anyway!