Tuesday, October 28, 2008

11 Months (and the countdown to the big birthday is on)

Can you believe it? James is 11 months old today. As he was sleeping in my arms last night (that is what happens when you only take an hour nap at daycare, you fall asleep mid-bottle), I was feeling nostalgic for the times that we would swaddle him up and cuddle with him to get him calmed down. What I'm not nostalgic about is getting up 6 or 7 times a night! So much has changed in the past 11 months, most of all James. He's still walking with support, although he is getting braver (and gaining more balance) to stand on his own...for a few seconds at least. He is a big fan of opening the cabinets and taking out all the contents (especially DVD's and tin foil).
He is also getting pretty good at going up and down the stairs (although he usually attempts to go down headfirst). He's saying "dada" a lot, but is usually whining when the "mama" comes out (of course).

I am happy to report that, while I haven't technically lost all the baby weight (9 months on, 11+ months off, it's fine), my "this-is-my-last-set-of-pants-I'm-buying-in-a-bigger-size" are getting pretty loose. (I think that appendix was really weighing me down.) We've also found a church that we all really enjoy, and have started attending a small group on Sunday nights with a group of parents with young kids as well. We've only been in Chicago for four years, but we're finally starting to make it "home".

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