Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanks and Celebration

I was a little preoccupied this past weekend with hosting our families, cooking, cleaning (and cleaning and cleaning) AND celebrating James's first birthday to do a proper Thanksgiving post. But better late than never, right? So a little list of all I'm thankful for:

1. My wonderful family; my supportive husband who loves me and our son with all his heart (and who doesn't hear it from me enough), and James, the joy of our lives. He has truly brought a whole new meaning to life and has changed me in ways I could never have expected (for the better...except in the mid-section).

2. For our parents and Chris's siblings for traveling to our home, squeezing themselves all onto the couch, and spending the weekend with us. We really enjoyed having everyone here to take part in our first Thanksgiving dinner and celebrating James's birthday!

3. For Chris for cooking a great meal! Oh, and I helped some too.

4. For my sister and her husband, the soon-to-be new parents. Even though they couldn't make the trip this past weekend, they'll be here in February (belly and all) and we can't wait to see them at Christmas! You are both going to make awesome parents.

5. For our church and the small group we've become a part of. It is awesome to be part of something that encourages and challenges us to be better people, living a life for and with God.

6. For our jobs, home and cars in these unstable economic times, and that our friends and family still have theirs as well.

7. For our friends. We crashed a neighborhood happy hour that our friends Emily and Justin hosted back in February, and we've been crashing at other people's homes every month since. They have great neighbors, what can I say!

8. For not looking like this this year (yikes)!

9. For life, for health, and for love.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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