Thursday, April 16, 2009


James finally graduated to the toddler room last week (hurray!) and he came home with three (yes three) incident reports in seven days! Climbing and falling (bump on the head), climbing and falling (bloody nose), and climbing and falling again (big fat goose egg on the forehead and a black eye). You would think the kid would learn! Maybe he did as we haven't had any more incidents since Tuesday. Or maybe this is just what little boys do. I'm sure this won't be the last shiner.

Friday is supposed to be a glorious day here in Chicago, so I'm taking the day off, getting a much needed massage, and getting some errands done that I've not been able to fit in the past month. And we're having company Saturday night (Nikolas is coming for a visit so his parents can get a night out before baby #2 arrives in just a couple weeks)!

Happy Weekend!

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