Saturday, November 7, 2009

Frank Lloyd Wright

Today a friend from work and I went to Oak Park (no, not the mall) to tour the Frank Lloyd Wright home and studio. It was a gorgeous fall day to spend outside, taking in the architecture and wishing a lot that I had an extra million dollars (or more) to actually live in one of them.

The Ginkgo tree outside the home studio entrance
Front Entrance These are on the pillars to the entrance to the studio: Tree of Life, an open book of knowledge, and an architectural scroll flanked by a pair of stork, representing wisdom (and fertility I think).

Hills House
Moore House
(this home sits right next door to the Hills House, which I find amazing as the two are so completely different) Back side of the Moore House
Thomas House - the first "Prairie Style" home in Oak Park
Young House
Cheney House (needs a little work!)
I recently read a fictionalized tale (Loving Frank) based on the true events in Wright's life when we left his family in 1909 to run off to Europe with his mistress, Mamah Cheney, who he built the above home for. It is a fascinating story, that I really recommend reading, and has really peaked my interest in the man and his work. I'm hoping to bring the moms down here to tour the home/studio over Thanksgiving, and will hopefully be able to go on the Wright Plus Housewalk in May to actually go into some of the homes that are privately owned!

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