Sunday, June 13, 2010

i want my life back

Everywhere I look all I see are unfinished projects. I hate this house for that...but at the same time know there is such potential if only I could give it the time it needs.

But it is wearing on me. The slowness of it all. James underfoot. Trying to find time for routine activities (you know, like going to the grocery store, doing laundry, even showering on the weekends) in the midst of sanding, priming, painting. I'm sick of talking about it, I'm sick of doing it.

I'm hoping a year from now I'll be able to look back on this post and smile because all those unfinished projects are done. And I will know the blood, sweat and tears that went in to getting it done, and it will be beautiful.

And then I'll be able to take my son to the park, or the pool, or go shopping somewhere other than Home Depot and not feel guilty for what I'm leaving undone.