Thursday, July 15, 2010

enjoy the ride of life

At least one of us has been working our tails off for the past two months, and unfortunately that has meant that James has not been getting the attention he needs and deserves.
So we walked away from the housework (for at least the day) last Saturday and deemed it "James' Special Day". We went out to breakfast, went downtown to Lincoln Park Zoo, and then went to the FRG fireworks that night. It was great for ALL of us to be out of the house for a while...and to not think of all that is still left to do.

James got to ride the train

and the carousel

and practiced his jumping skills.

"Enjoy the ride of life" is the dedication plaque that was placed below the zebra James chose to ride on the carousel. This has been one bumpy ride the past couple of months, and I know I need to do a better job "enjoying" this time, embracing it for what it is, and to know that there will be smooth roads ahead as well (and to be realistic, I'm sure there are more bumps to be had too). This day was a great reminder of what is really important in this ride we are on.

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Sheryl/Mom/Grandma said...

KT - I know that it's hard sometimes to take the time you know you need to really appreciate each day. Right now it seems like James will stay this little boy forever, but trust me, he will grow up very quickly. I'm so glad that you all had such an enjoyable time together. Your pictures were great! I really love the b/w of the city beyond the lake. Super photographer to boot!