Friday, September 10, 2010


The web is a beautiful thing.  Mostly because I have found so much beauty from across the country to be inspired by!  One of those sites that I have recently found is jones design company.  I think another blog I follow linked to her little girls' nursery and I've been following ever since (browse her blog and you will be too!). 

Two recent posts have really spoken to me, and you'll find pictures on the side bar ---> linking to those posts.  The first is a reminder to myself that I just can't do it all (and why I will go weeks at a time without a blog update).  Obviously I know this, but I really do need to be reminded at the same time. 

The second is a about a verse she included in the nursery.  I love this verse.  And I need to be reminded that even when I can't do it all, the Lord still takes great delight in me.  When James is being "naughty" (his new favorite word), the Lord takes great delight in him (and in me even when I lose my patience).  My mind  needs to be reminded of these things.  My heart needs to be reminded of these things. 

I thank Emily for her inspiration, and can't wait for what I find next!

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Sheryl/Mom/Grandma said...

What a wonderful quote, I am so glad that you found this blog. Perhaps a little divine intervention? It bears repeating....."We need to choose what is better. We can not do it all. We must make little choices daily, little sacrifices, let some things go, allow for messes and unfinished projects and dirty bathrooms and too many kid shows and in the end, know that grace is what gets us through."