Friday, November 12, 2010

Wear It

I have a ton of clothes.  We have this huge walk-in closet in the new house that I have completely filled.  But I always seem to have a hard time finding something to wear (or at least feel like I don't have anything to wear).  I could wear an embellished t-shirt and cardigan  But that gets a little boring. 

That is why I have loved looking at the "What I Wore" series on Jones Design Company.  I think our style is very similar (if only I could wear jeans every day!) because everything she wears I want to recreate!  Today Emily posted about how to tie a scarf.  So I busted out my only favorite scarf and used her weave example to tie it. 

scarf: jcrew, sweater: gap

A few weeks ago I saw this post on Frugal Fashionista, and determined I could recreate that outfit with what I have.  I loved this outfit!  

cardigan: banana republic, blouse: ann taylor loft, pants: jcrew, shoes: jcrew

I still have a $50 Groupon to Gap (that I got for $25) that I need to spend.  Maybe I'll spend it on a new scarf.  


Kyly said...

Love the outfit! And thanks for the blogs you linked to.....well, Tim might say the same thing because this could increase my shopping. :)

Sheryl/Mom/Grandma said...

KT - Maybe you can show me some of your new tricks with scarves next week-end!