Monday, October 13, 2008

My Baby Baby

Don't you just love his lashes?

James is such a baby baby. He is more than able to do things on his own, just not that willing. Can he hold his own bottle to feed himself? Yes, he just refuses to do it. Most kids when they start eating table food refuse to be fed baby food. Not James! He is more than willing to have baby food spoon fed. That's okay. I like to cuddle with him as he takes his bottle. And I think it is quite funny when we spoon feed him and he bites down on the spoon and laughs when we try and pull it away. This baby baby will soon be walking, then running away from us. So holding on to my baby for a little longer is just fine with me.

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smcclurekc said...

Yes, I love his lashes, and that soft, soft blonde baby hair. He is too adorable. Looks like you're giving your camera a good work-out. I loved the pictures of him sitting in the pumpkin patch. Very cool shot! Keep the pictures coming, I can't see enough. Love - Mom:)