Monday, November 3, 2008

52 Days to Christmas

Seriously...52 days to Christmas. And I know you don't want to think about it. The weather has been warm and sunny (at least here in Chicago we've been blessed with some 60 degree days, and it's November) and we're barely out of Halloween mode. But the Christmas decorations are being stocked on the shelves of Target, and pretty soon you know that question is going to be asked..."what do you want for Christmas"? Well, Amazon has a really cool web-gadget that lets you create an online list, and it will compile it from any site (not just their own) with their Universal Wishlist! I think this is genious. The list can be accessed by searching for someone's name or email address. It can even be set so that you can't see what has been purchased for the weeks leading up to your birthday or the entire month of December (don't want to spoil the Christmas morning fun by knowing what you'll unwrap, and you're sure not to get duplicates).

I'm hoping that my family might create their own lists this year (hint hint)...and if you search for my email, I've already got mine started. Seriously, 52 days to Christmas, and it'll be here before you can say "bah humbug".

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