Thursday, November 6, 2008

Knock it off

I was at World Market the other day (searching for some cheap dishware for Thanksgiving since we're hosting...for the first time), and saw this really cute bee glassware. Now, it really doesn't fit in with my style, but I still thought it was cute. And just now I was looking through Ballard Designs, and they have the same stuff...only the set at World Market is about 44% cheaper. Good deal!

JC Penny is another site that has really stepped it up in the housewares/furniture department. A lot of their furniture is very similar to what you'd find at Pottery Barn. Like this Newberry End Table looks exactly like the Chloe Side Table. We purchased this custom headboard for our bedroom for about 30% less than similar upholstered headboards elsewhere.

Knock-offs are aplenty these days. And who couldn't use a little extra cash in these trying financial times?

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