Sunday, October 25, 2009


Two things:

1. I know I am way behind on updates as we've gone to KC, had a surprise visit from Grandma Honey, Aunt Kelly and Baby Tessa, run a half-marathon, and done some other fun stuff this past week, but it is after 10 and I'm tired. So a full update will have to wait until another night.

2. Aunt Kelly bought this outfit for James. I wonder if she knows these are Bears and Illini colors? (I really can't bring myself to cheer for either one...good thing there isn't much to cheer about).


Kelly said...

No, I did not. I just thought that it was cute. And it is. But anything is cue on James. It looks like you guys did an awesome job on his hair cut too. But he looks about 5 years old in the photo. Remind him that he is only 1, and that Aunt Kelly needs to spend some more time with him before he grows up too fast.

Sheryl/Mom/Grandma said...

Tell that little punkin' that Grandma Honey sure enjoyed spending some time with him (not nearly enough!) Looking forward to the big Birthday #2 celebration!