Monday, May 31, 2010

a surprise

Me and Kelly

I miss my family terribly. Especially when going through this especially stressful time in our lives. It would be awesome to be able to drop James off for an afternoon, or day, or entire weekend so we could actually make some real progress on the house.
So instead of staying home this long weekend to actually work on the house (or distract James so Chris could work on the house), I hopped on a plane early Saturday morning and surprised Kelly and Scott for Miss Tessa's first birthday party. They were completely floored to see me standing on their porch, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Baby girl only turns one once...and they did it up right!
Cotton candy, cupcakes, popcorn and LOTS of balloons

and monogrammed bloomers
just like that

It isn't a party unless you've got cake on your face (and up your nose and in your ears).
Happy Birthday Tessa!

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Kelly said...

Thank you for coming! It was so very special. Wish we lived closer, too.