Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Transition

One of my biggest worries of moving was how James would react and deal with not only a new house, but a new school as well. After speaking with the director at his new school, we made the decision to just make all the changes at once. The Friday before our move weekend we took James into his new school for a half day so he could meet the teachers and get a general feel for everything. After 15 minutes or so he seemed fine so we left him. We took him back to his old school for one day the next week to say goodbye to the teachers and friends he's been with since he was 8 weeks old (I think that was harder on me than on him), and ever since it's been new school all the way. He seriously hasn't missed a beat and loves his new teachers.
They do a great job of putting the kids on the potty ever single diaper change (probably 6-8 times a day). And last week James finally went pee in the potty for the first time! Actually, it shot across the room. With everything going on at home and all the traveling that has gone on I haven't been pushing it at home (actually, every time I ask him if he wants to sit on the potty he says no, so I don't push it). But I'm thinking next week is our week!
James really seems to love his "new house". We took the front off of his crib when we moved, and he's only fallen out a few times : ) We did have a rough patch of him waking up at 5AM for a few weeks, but after we got a door hung back up on his room to deaden the noise he started sleeping until a more manageable hour.
Syd and Lily seem to have adjusted fine as well. We don't have a fence in the yard yet, but James makes sure that Syd goes out and stays in the back yard. He is quite bossy when others don't follow directions...not so much himself.
And because it just isn't fun to post without a picture, my favorite little guy on our trip to Oswego

And my favorite little girl...who just happens to be turning ONE this weekend!

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